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          in a Space, Project & or Vibe?

SOLUTIONS Come from a new Perspective to work from the root of cause.  Let me pivot you towards a new way towards your to do list of life and business. 


I am  CLAUDIA. LAMY and i love to share my creativity to show others how to create a balanced work life-style And Get UNSTUCK. 

A fusion of logic and Creativity delivered to key people by Reallocating current resources to create systems for balance and efficiency in themselves, business and or home.

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"I can not tell you how much we appreciated your work ... You brought together what your colleagues had started into a wonderful, unified, whole, that does exactly what the artist had intended."

- GWU Textile Museum, Washington D.C.

"Working with Claudia is so much more than organizing and purging. Over several weeks under her guidance, I was able not only to pare down what I was carrying around physically but also lighten the psychic (or mental) burden of old, out-dated, no longer useful things of all kinds.  Claudia also set up systems that fit me to continue cycling through what comes in so it does not end up in clutter and piles.  this has been a significant partnership that has left me with more time & energy for what I really value - my relationships & actually living! I can not recommend Claudia highly enough!"  

-D. Cummings, VA


Creative Consultant / Owner


Claudia gave valuable insights to the macro strategy and she is a visionary! But what makes her uniquely helpful is that she break down the big goal into smaller steps and the micro step to be taken to move forward. She is invaluable in pointing out the blind spot and problems I didn’t see myself having!  


-JZ Washington D.C.

I work with individuals that seek 


  • LIFESYTYLE Happiness

  • HANDS ON Direct Assistance
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Start making Choices that help you.


I see you and ready to help you dive deep into your vision.

Feel Heard & Activated


The Why...


C L A U D I A. LAMY started @ARTSERVED  to provide herself a structure that is built on a diversity of experiences and subjects that feed her curiosity in arts, technology and human nature. Which translates into her consulting, facilitation, healing and conceptual art practice. Her direct approach with communication and discussions allows the creative nature and solution-oriented growth mindset to blossom. The co-creative experience is cultivated through the allocation of time between both parties in conversations, interactions, and experiences that build a foundation of understanding for both sides.   A natural teacher who listens to the core needs of the situation to deconstruct purify and then reconstruct from the facilitated expansive mindset.  Sit down with us to look at a situation from a perspective that provides a gateway to approach the task or goal and or moment in a new light that creates space and growth.  

Her constant weaving of life, work and spirituality provide her the faith to work  with passion , purpose, peace and play, through her changes. global approach to finding commonalities among human core values and needs, segway her vision of creating art with the themes of relating and using technology and other analog ways to communicate subconscious and conscious messages of sexuality, intimacy within self and others.  The approach of everyday life awareness and mindfulness that allows tapping into the micro-moments that people can observe and make new choices to bring self and community harmony.

Her work is related to her study of self, self-expression, the creative process and emanates into relating with others. Her past experience in business, education and therapy provides her root source to create and align her interests and talents to share creative ideas to help the  functioning maintenance of world evolvement. That starts with the individual choice to see things differently than they are and focused shared attention to create from.

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