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I really enjoyed speaking with you. You have a great ability to extract the data and provide a path for successful marketing ideas. You listen, research, digest, and then contemplate a plan that is workable for businesses. You give-and-take ability is appreciated and allows for both parties to learn and grow. Thanks so much!


-BW Vienna, VA  

#Project Facilitation

It was a pleasure working with Claudia again. We commissioned artwork from her about 5 years ago. When I realize she had added interior decorating to her business, or as she calls it space facilitation I had to reach out to see what it was all about. I was looking to rearrange a few things in my barber studio but wanted another set of creative eyes. I’m so glad I followed my intuition and reached out to Claudia.


She met and exceeded my expectations. Not only did she rearrange to give us more space. She placed things in areas that gave our guests a new appreciation for our space. Her idea to relocate our products was great. With this shift, our Guests are now more aware of our products and we have seen an increase in sales. The idea of creating an atmosphere of “give and take” and “plentiful/overflow “ was golden. Could go on and on but work with Claudia was an extraordinary experience!!


-OH Gaithersburg, MD

#Commisioned Painting

#Space Facilitations 


Claudia is so inspiring and intuitive! She sees the world in a peaceful way and bring a sense of harmony in her way of living and talking, doing things. If your life and work need a enlightenment or change, or you are the type of person who is looking for higher value purpose, Claudia’s the best person you can turn to.


-JZ Washington D.C.

#Mind Heart Body Aligment


I worked with Claudia in a time of transition —an upcoming move, downsizing a home of 11 years with two active boys and lots of accumulated possessions. 



Claudia energetically and vivaciously moved the process along, gently reminding me to “not get in the details” when I started to analyze the pros and cons of each decision and to instead “trust myself’ and the first thought. She was both hands-on and able to step back and hold me up to my initial intentions for the work.


She deployed a wide range of tools to coach me in decision-making, at times appealing to my intuition/feelings, and at other times being very pragmatic with down-to-earth questions. At the end of this process - where we laughed, breathed, sighed, emptied contents of multiple boxes, bags, and closets, categorized and made sense of my files, and set aside to donate/repair numerous items, I felt freer, more expansive, and gifted with the energy and optimism to step into the next phase of my life unburdened.


Since working with Claudia, I have continued to make progress on sorting/organizing/flowing —more recently, enrolling my two boys in the same process with their toys and books. We blasted through the playroom! It got done, with ease and good feelings - “a la Claudia”. I can’t recommend her highly enough for projects big and small. She’s a very gifted personal space facilitator and project manager.


- HW Washington DC

#Space Project Energy


First, it level-set, opened my eyes.  for e.g., your assessment of how it would take us at least 3 months was much more realistic and helped me think of realistic goals, to not be disappointed when the house isn't magically ready in a month.


Second, your focus on action changed my habit.  The fact that you pushed me to take action in that moment was a complete catalyst.wiring


Not only did we make progress that same night, I continued on that weekend, and have continued on every weekend since bit by bit just setting things aside and often packing them up to give away.  We're still practicing the "if something comes in, something goes out”.


Just this past week, i went ahead and bought actual bins to have one in each room- one downstairs, one in my boys' room and one in mine as "donate" bins.


level Finally, by setting you also gave us permission to accept that this is a process. I'm no longer frustrated when this doesn't magically happen in a weekend or a week. I realized that staying consistent and making progress is more important.setting


-ZH, Alexandria VA

#Space Facilitation 


Creative Exchanges 

Let me tell you more...

What I provide is having a high level of responsibility for the short time period of the project.  Temp Director level of thought and alignment of resources within your space and human resources.  

A catalyst to start and create a strategic plan for you to work through your pace and or the projects need.  While receiving support: site visits, meetings, number analyzation and question discussions through the implementation period and post reflection.  Brainstorming, Resources of contacts, Bridge connector, Cold Caller.


As a strategic educator and learner, I have noticed an area that I cultivated for myself.  Finding niche mentors and services that I needed to help me manage my multiple projects.  The support services that I needed were not available.  


I found individuals that would provide their experience as the resource.  They never knew what I was going but I knew exactly what I needed.  I needed their process, way of thought and perspective that was the quality that was a key attribute towards their delivery of services. 


My focus on looking at the individual qualities lead me to also naturally see areas of connections that were available for a streamline of activity and workflow.  


I create a space where people feel safe to communicate at a level of authenticity. My direct questions come to core areas that need a flashlight approach to mend an area unknown to the client.   Most of these moments happen with the client not knowing their own repair by allowing someone guides them through an observational approach to the project at hand. 


This leads the client with new observational skills that are core to bringing solutions to the project, idea or business plan at hand based on their own growth mindset.  


The client (leader of the organization) is the core of the business and shifting their mind influences flow.  As I worked on my own management flow of multiple ideas, creative work, client projects, and teams, I learned I needed that direct help in the now.  Short term brainstorming boards of people. I could intake and synthesize it to fit to produce my direction forward for the cleared best direction that is not always the intentional outcome.  Or it would lead to address a blind spot and further purify the system before creating the strategy to implement.  

A great documentary that speaks about the creative process is “The Creative Brain With David Eaglemen”.  It spoke about the way that famous, current artists use their input of experiences to produce their work.  Diversity is the drive of what they are able to make connections and new ways of looking at things.  When I watched this, it brought me a lot of satisfaction because it provided a model to which to reflect and communicate with others about the current use for design, science, and art.  I enjoy bringing thoughts together that streamline possible solutions of the mind, body and everyday living.  

I continue to invest in my system of collection of experiences to produce new thoughts, ideas, and solutions to our evolving societal matters. One person at a time, and One company or project at a time.

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