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Listening to your heart yet not know where it leads yet it feels good is the inspration of WE.  WEEE Yes in French and WeEEE as in Play. As an intuitive artist, I have found the joy of sound making through different forms of exploration. That is found in strumming from joy with one of my past students in a therapeutic element. It's the master teacher conversation that as a teacher you must also be the student. This gives a breath of fresh air and creativity. The #everydaylife aspect delivered on @ARTSERVED is the awareness of what are you doing in the daily that feeds you existence today. Not reaching but to taste this moment. I hope to indulge you with sounds from the heart. That move towards new unconventional traditions that allow you to understand the life of a tree. #CLAUDIALAMYWRITES #CLAUDIALAMYSOUND 

WE Cover


Collaborate, Hire and FIRE UP! 

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