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I hope this page brings clarity in what services I can provide your life.  The intent is to show new ways to do things with verbal, physical and systematic support.

Are you a Interior Designer?

No, because upon hiring me we are not buying more, we are managing, beautifying what you have in your current space. Wellbeing can start from external shift of your bedroom, and or office. Creating beauty, efficiency and project sections within your space helps your daily routine along with your yearly goals. Goals with health, wealth and overall life satisfaction. 


What is space facilitation?

 Facilitation is the management of resources at hand.  Space Facilitation would include the actual use of space, furniture placement, decor choices, organizational systems and paper work flow. Project Facilitation includes project management, team leaderships, project flow systems. Energy Facilitation is more individual approach to understanding your capacity to create the life you wish to be living with the approach of adjusting within your #everydaylife choices. Example "Are you creating an emergency setting by not adjusting when you get gas into your car?" 


What is #everydaylife?

I support my clients life by facilitating a new perspective to work from that is as basic from their choices of when to get gas, based on how they mange their time. I help them create more spaces to breathe and take in life and to make new choices by literally helping them make space in their spaces, minds and schedules. This affects their view of how they approach their daily life. 


Will I have to change to receive the benefits?

Yes, change is the key to improving our lives. Though I help you look at your path and show a tweek to shift. A #Mircomovement is a very small application in your daily life to approach life. Like a butterfly flap that affects miles away.


Are you an Artist as well?

Yes. WWW.CLAUDIALAMY.COM  As an artists I am commissioned for paintings, public art pieces and show cases for my installations. Going to GW Cororan School of Art and Design as an adult provided me a breath of experiences that includes installation art, 3D printing, Augmented Realty that are key elements to my conceptual development of my art practice. I have integrated my Artist skills with business management, team management, body wellness for services at @ARTSERVED.


How do I hire  you?

To hire me for a service, we would set a 15 min clarity call to help identify your current needs of service. To hire me for a commission piece, we would do the same. I would ask for examples of art that you found inspiring and or my own work you wish to see in your space.


Get in Touch

Please send me any questions to help clarify your life.

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