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F A C I L I T A T I O N 


 Now that you have taken a look at who you will be working with and what I can provide. 

Here's a overview of our time together

Phase 1

We take great pride in what we build and provide. We are looking for people who are looking for support in their process to alter their long term results in work life balance.

  • Schedule a 15 minute Phone Call to see if we are a good match. 

  • Submit the client Intake form to be completed before the call.

Phase 2


Now that  we have decided to work together.

  • Reviewed the Contract / Invoice 

  • Balance Paid

  • Send any other information that will help me understand where you are in your own process. (Financials, Images, Time lines, Vision Boards etc.)

She live your best life .JPG
Phase 3

Ready to begin our Session

  • Schedule on site or virtual session

    • The mental space is receptive, ready to drink some new tea..

    • We start and jump in, let's make it happen.​

  • Client Feedback Form after service.​

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