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Revolutionize Your Art with ArtServed

Unleash Your Creativity

ArtServed helps you to revolutionize your art practice by providing you with the best-in-class home studio art sessions. Our two-hour classes are designed to make the most of your passion for art by letting you focus on your creativity in the comfort of your own home. With ArtServed, you can share your intentions, work individually, take a group break, and share your results with fellow artists. Our classes are the perfect opportunity to step up your art practice and connect with like-minded artists.

Consistency and Affordability

At ArtServed, we understand the importance of maintaining a regular art routine without breaking the bank. Our sessions and resources are designed to help you achieve your artistic goals without compromising on quality or affordability. We offer a range of membership options that cater to your budget and art needs. Starting at just $100 per month, our 8-session package is perfect for artists who are committed to their art practice. We also offer a drop-in option for $50, which lets you attend two sessions. With ArtServed, you can enhance consistency in your art practice while staying within your budget.

Join Our Vibrant Art Community

ArtServed is more than just home studio art sessions. It's a vibrant art community that connects you with like-minded artists, fosters growth, and inspires creativity. By joining our community, you can share your passion, exchange ideas, and receive valuable feedback from fellow artists. Our supportive environment is designed to help you thrive as an artist. You can discover new perspectives, collaborate on projects, and build lasting relationships within our creative community. Join ArtServed today and revolutionize your art practice!

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