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Space Project Energy Facilitator

  • 4 hr
  • 300 US dollars
  • On site, Off site, Virtual

Service Description

SPACE PROJECT ENERGY FACILITATION Facilitation is the adjustment of what is currently available in resources: common vision, budgets, human capital, and workspace. The shift of one area usually naturally infuses and adjusts other areas with ease, a natural integrated experience.   Facilitate at hand current inventory of physical resources of furniture, equipment, artifacts, adornments and redesign the allocation of open space. Workflow audits to help transitional items of paper, thoughts and filing systems. Facilitate use of time with support on your project management and business strategy from where you are now. Facilitate the use of team members hidden talents and skills in team-building approach. Receive an audit of blind spots identified in spaces, teams, management and projects that once address will open up new resources of exchanges that help induce energy. Examples of Facilitation in areas of Space, Project, Energy. It's beyond organizing... co creating with play which is a natural human system to creativity and solution minded living. Business: Merchandising, intuitive driven feng shui, customer experience, business values, paper workflow, team office layouts, business development, marketing visions, upgrades in communication and language that infuse self and business. Home: Office, Work flow, Home living and maintaining systems, attics, garage, kids playrooms​, kids room, closets... ART SERVED will help maximize your intentions for services and project needs. 1 Facilitation session is ( 1-4 hours) $300 each. Prepaid Package of 4 sessions total of $1000, saves you 200.00 to be scheduled within 2 - 3 months. Virtual SPACE, PROJECT, and ENERGY FACILITATIONS are available at 100/hr.

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