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Workshops & Projects

Expression Experience Series

Community Space to venture into internal landscapes through expressive art work, body, sound and mark making.                  

Status: Workshop Availability 

Be my Muse

Allow your curves to be highlighted and admired in a Private Nude Figure Drawing Session.  By allowing yourselves the experience of being my Muse. Self, Body and Love,                                   Status: Sessions Available

 Thailand Exchanges 

Continued Private Grant Supporting Observational Cultural Investigation of Red Light Districts of Pataya and Bangkok Thailand and tourism affects on Long Neck  Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

 Status: Continued theory and Art work assimilation

Expression Experience Installation

Public Art Interactive Installations for participation. Giving the public a space for  expression.

                 Status: Available 

Positive Intimate 

Consensual Exchanges

Creating a virtual space to communicate positive intimate consensual exchanges for public art  video installation  to share positive examples to society.  Status: Intaking Public Participation 

Jeju Loveland Soundscape Investigation

Continuing my observatory and analytical audio analysis of  comparison between soundscape collections from a erotic outdoor sculpture park and a outdoor family themed park.  2016 Recipient of the Luther Rice Fellowship Grant at CCAS George Washington University

Status: On Going Software,  Research Analysis

Planting a Seed

Costa Rica Site Specific experience of getting as vulnerable as the land that we witness. Claiming that internal territory that is met to stay wild and free. Keywords: Environmental, Land, Tourism, Anthropology                          Status: On hold

Featured Project

Public  Participation  

Featured Project



Initial 2016 Advisor Professor Douglas Boyce

George Washington University

Music Department Director 


2018 Ongoing Research 

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